22 Feb 2011

Why RSS Auto Posts on Social Media is Wrong

Businesses are now noticing and starting to invest more
on social media marketing in 2011, however not all are embracing the new media seriously or following the correct procedures in order to gain the most from this growing people phenomenon.

Many are still cautious and require much beginner's experimentation before accepting and understanding its full potential.  The good news is that now social media is winning over skeptical marketing executives and traditional methods for promoting, engaging and developing enterprises. Currently many businesses are expanding budgets for social media not because they understand the ROI, but because they appear to be trendy on their eyes.

Many so called wrong reasons and preconceptions still exist, particularly when it comes to increase investment on social media.  A few years ago, YODspica was one of the first companies in Wales to fully embrace social media.  As a result, it has become a Leader as well as a content provider and inspiration for many businesses and individuals.  If follows that the many wrong reasons businesses use social media typically include: running a few trials occasionally,  auto posts on twitter and facebook using RSS feeds from non related news corporations (just tricking readers and increasing their posts count without actually producing any valuable own content or effort). Furthermore,  by allowing inexperienced and temporary staff become the face of the business,  hope for the best with no idea of what the best content may be to produce.  Subsquently, a reliance on so called "experts" which in turn talks and training events  are produced as way to educate users, however as result most speakers tend give an image that social media is something which needs to addressed scientifically with no scope for error for most businesses and individuals.

One of the few right reasons that many social media long term users say, is that mistakes which appear to be "silly" is something perfectly acceptable and that perfection posts are something contrary to the whole social media concept.

Finally, other wrong things tend to be the case where many social media business websites charge users,  in order to allow users to leave their comments on published posts, create blogs or even participate at forums, in this case these businesses are not being "social" rather taking financial advantage by denying users to participate as opposed to the well know freely available to the masses i.e. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


  1. Social Media Marketing doesn't bring any new customers - discuss

  2. If it is someone that has lead generation experience using social media it can very successful. The trouble at the moment is that many people attempt to do it but tend to spam users with "special offers" which puts people off.

  3. Interesting, but I do believe a well implemented RSS feed can compliment a good social media campaign. I would say it depends on the individual circumstances and personally find RSS feeds a helpful in a lot of ways. I would say you can look at the similarities to blogs that social media accounts have and see how RSS feeds have benefited sites from exteernal blogs.

    I do agree that no personal touch is a bit lame and best steered clear of, its very good to engage with your friends and followers.

    now Elio... "(just tricking readers and increasing their posts count without actually doing any work or effort)" would you give the same reason to not having multiple twitter accounts and posting the same info on them? ;)

  4. When people own the rss feeds from their blogs that is perfectly acceptable, however in my opinion, not when publishing news stories updated every 10 minutes from major news corporations. Regarding my twitter accounts you do not have to read them all, pick one topic which interests you and stick with it.

  5. Agreed, just adding external feeds is probably going to annoy people a lot of the time and or just look lazy. When it comes to your own you still dont want to just have a feed running on your facebook page, its much better to use it as its meant to be and have input from others on the page. it spreads your links a lot further as it appears on others pages and is just more interesting.
    Re your twitter accounts, I do, was only intended as a whimsical remark, not a dig


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