5 Oct 2012

Microsoft Solutions Upcoming Name ReBranding Changes

Microsoft is going through a marketing rebranding process in order to showcase its new clean and modern look, as it can be seen from the recent changes and the upcoming releases.

In this post we have collected relevant changes to the naming of Microsoft offerings, on the left side of the list it can be seen the original name and on the right it can be seen the new branding names.
Metro design => Modern design
Metro style apps => Windows 8 apps / Windows Store apps

Office 2013 => Office Next
Office 2010 Home and Business => Office 365 Home Premium
Office 365 Plan E3 => Office 365 ProPlus
Office.com => Office Store
SharePoint Workspace => SkyDrive Pro

Windows on ARM => Windows RT
Windows Live ID/Passport => Microsoft Account
Hotmail => Outlook.com
Windows Live SkyDrive => SkyDrive
Windows Live Mail => Windows Mail Desktop
Windows Live Essentials => Windows Essentials

AppFabric Service Bus => Windows Azure Service Bus
SQL Azure => Windows Azure SQL Database
Windows Small Business Server/ Windows Small Business Server Essentials => Windows Server 2012 Essentials
Silverlight => XAML

Microsoft adCenter => Bing Ads
Microsoft Search Marketplace => Yahoo! Bing Network

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